Knitting in Yorkshire England

Knitting in Yorkshire England

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Knitting in Yorkshire, England

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Knitting in Yorkshire

With a countryside dotted with sheep, Yorkshire begs for a visit by knitters. We'll stay in Harrogate, the elegant spa town that was once the favored destination of European high society. Today Harrogate is a vibrant cultural destination with exclusive shops and an abundance of great places to eat and drink, including the famous Betty's Tea Shop.

Each week we have a special knitting event with focus on the local wool industry. Add to that visits to historic castles, abbeys and manor houses, knitting workshops and special presentations. We'll see the glorious countryside and small towns, each location carefully selected for history and Yorkshire lore. A special visit to Howarth, home of the Bronte family, caps off this exciting Trip for Knitters.

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Overview: Knitting in Yorkshire

overview: knitting in yorkshire

Knitting in Yorkshire


TO REGISTER: To register, contact us (301.766.4543).  $500 per person non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

LOCATION: Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK

THE EXPERIENCEYarndale wool festival, Haworth Village, home of the Bronte sisters; Ripley Castle; Fountains Abbey; Harewood House and more.

LODGING: Arden House B & B. Lodging included in event price and reservations are made through Trips for Knitters. See LODGING tab for more information.

PRICING: $2,500 to $2850 depending on room selection — includes lodging, most meals, knitting classes, local transportation and site admissions, and project yarn. Save $50 if you pay by check. 2018 payment in full is due February 15, 2018.

TRAVEL: You make your own flight arrangements; fly to wherever you chose — maybe a stop in London first? — and we can assist you in getting from other cities to Harrogate. See the Travel tab for more information.

TIPS FOR TRAVELERS: Participants can see our Tips for Travelers page for registered travelers. Read the Trips for Knitters Responsibility/Disclaimer Statement.



2018 program

We're still working on the knitting program, but trust that it is designed to feature and enhance your experience in Yorkshire, using Yorkshire-made yarn and designs.

The Experience

the experience

what to expect

Yarndale is described as a “creative festival celebrating all things woolly and wonderful.” Expect an impressive selection of talented and passionate exhibitors and events.

Haworth Village, famous for the Bronte family, has it all: history, scenery, shopping and dining. Walk the cobblestone streets as you step back in time to the village that inspired the world famous novels.

Historical sites that share not only history, but culture of a time before. Harewood House, Ripley Castle and Fountains Abbey—each known for lovely gardens and estate, wonderfully preserved for visitors to learn and enjoy. We've carefully selected the best of the best.

A gourmet heaven, Harrogate boasts local and ethnic cuisine at restaurants known for quality and integrity of flavors and style.

Make new knitting friends as we relax, learn, and connect with others while experiencing the charm of the Arden House B&B.


Expect to walk in the  historic city center of Harrogate, just a few blocks from our lodging. There's also walking at the historical sites we'll visit. Bring comfortable shoes and get in shape before the trip to optimize your enjoyment. You’ll want to be able to explore all that Yorkshire has to offer.

While we use private transportation to get to many locations, upon arrival you will want to be able to walk for an hour or more to obtain the most out of the experience. On tours, there may be benches on which to seek relief, but count on standing on your feet for long periods of time.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, broken in prior to the trip.
  • Bring bandaids if you think blisters may occur.
  • Build up your stamina, if necessary, by walking increasingly longer periods in the weeks prior to the trip.
  • Add some stairs to your workout!


Subject to change (especially due to weather), but content the same. Breakfast each day at Arden House. Unless otherwise stated, dinner in Harrogate at various restaurants.

Day 1: Arrive and settle in
Day 2: Knitting workshop
Day 3: Haworth, tour of town and Parsonage, lunch at Fleece Inn
Day 4: Yarndale
Day 5: Harewood House and Gardens, lunch at Harewood
Day 6: Harrogate shopping, Betty's Tea Room, Guild presentation
Day 7: Ripley Castle, lunch at Ripley Tea Room
Day 8: Fountains Abbey, lunch at Abbey
Day 9: Departure

Lodging: Arden House

lodging: arden house

warmth and hospitality

Arden House Exterior"Arden House provides 4-star guest accommodation in Harrogate. Whether you are attending a local conference, shopping in Harrogate's wide range of shops, celebrating a wedding in a magnificent Yorkshire castle, or the beauty of the nearby Yorkshire Dales, you are sure to enjoy the warmth and hospitality that Arden House provides."

Arden House offers the following types of rooms; event pricing depends on room choice:

  • single twin (one bed)
  • shared twin (two twin beds)
  • doubles (one European queen bed)
  • ground floor double (upon request only)
  • ground floor four poster (upon request only)

Arden House InteriorAll rooms are en suite with modern bathroom facilities. Wifi in rooms and throughout the B&B. Two rooms are on the ground floor, the rest upstairs on the 2nd and 3rd floors. See PRICING tab for event pricing based on room choice. Lodging is included in price and room reservations are made through Trips for Knitters.



travel arrangements

Who makes travel arrangements? You make your own flight arrangements from a major airport near you to Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) or other destination city.

What airport should I fly into? Leeds is the closest major airport, but your chosen airline may not fly there. Consider connections that do get to Leeds or Manchester. However, knitters may like to arrive a few days early to take in sights in London or other cities in the UK and to adjust to the time change. Fly to wherever you chose and we’ll assist you in getting from other cities to Harrogate. Trains can get you from London and other cities to Harrogate. Just do your research for what works best for you.

How do I get from the airport or train station to our lodging? The train station is walking distance, and cabs are also available for about 5GBP. Cabs from the airport will run about 30GBP. Flying Tiger bus services link the airport with the Harrogate bus station



pricing per person

Per person fee for this eight day adventure includes lodging, most meals, local transportation and site admissions, and knitting classes and yarn. You’ll want to have money for shopping and personal expenses.

When making your reservation with Trips for Knitters, please specify what type of room you’d like:

  • Shared Twin (two twin beds): $2500
  • Private Twin (one twin bed): $2700
  • Private Double (one European queen bed): $2800
  • Ground Floor (by request only): $2850
  • Save! Save $50 if you pay by check instead of credit card/Paypal. Discount taken at final payment. We ask that you please deduct the $50 from your final check in order to take advantage of the discount.
  • If sharing a Private Double with a spouse or partner, each person receives a $500 discount.

Want to register? Contact us to discuss available rooms. A $500 per-person non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. 2018 payment in full is due February 15, 2018. We accept partial payments up to that date.

Cancellation Policy:

  • The $500 per person non-refundable deposit is just that: non-refundable.
  • All cancellations must be in writing. Email is acceptable.
  • Cancellation does not necessarily result in a partial refund.
  • We strongly urge participants to purchase travel insurance to cover airfare and event expense in the event of cancellation. Shop through AAA, your travel agent or online sources such as Travelex.

Read the Trips for Knitters Responsibility/Disclaimer Statement.




How much does Knitting in Yorkshire cost?
Pricing is based on room choice and whether you choose private or shared. All prices are per person and cover the eight days of this Trip. See pricing (above). We recommend reserving your space with the non-refundable deposit as soon as possible as the spaces will go quickly. Save $50 if paying by check instead of credit card or Paypal.

When is payment due?
After making your non-refundable deposit, you will receive regular invoices reminding you of the balance due. You are welcome to make payments regularly from the time you register until the due date. See pricing for full details.

What will my expenses be?
The cost does not include airfare, transportation to/from Harrogate if traveling from another city, alcohol and personal items.

I'm not a really experienced knitter so will I be able to do the project? What if I don't want to knit the project?
We plan projects that are accessible by knitters at various levels of experience, complexity in knitting, and interest. For those not as confident in their knitting, this can be a great time to move past some of your apprehension with experts to help you along. We also believe that you it's your knitting and if you choose not to do the project or to do it a different way, that's fine. We want you to make the most of your knitting in your way, and it's different for all of us. You still get the project yarn, whether you knit it or not!

How do I register?
View the available rooms in lodging (above) and select the type of room you prefer. Contact Trips for Knitters by email or phone to register for the event, which includes lodging.

How do I get specific questions answered?
Contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can I bring my husband, friend, family member who is not a knitter?
For this event, we charge everyone the same, so that person sharing your room will pay the same amount as you, but you will each pay the shared room rate, which is less than the private room rate. Please read our Notes for Husbands, which pertains to any non-knitters traveling with you. Non-knitters participate in all activities as they choose, including day trips, meals and tours.

How do I connect with other knitters participating with Knitting in Yorkshire?
We'll put everyone in touch electronically, facilitating email communication, about three months before departure.

What should I bring?
We recommend traveling light. We'll have a detailed discussion and send guidelines.

What if I need to cancel for some reason?
We recommend travel insurance to cover airfare and event expense should you need to cancel. You can shop through AAA, your travel agent or online sources. The cancellation policy as stated at the bottom of pricing (above):
• The $500 per person non-refundable deposit is just that: non-refundable.
• All cancellations must be in writing. Email is acceptable.
• Cancellation does not necessarily result in a partial refund.
• We strongly urge participants to purchase travel insurance to cover airfare and event expense in the event of cancellation. Shop through AAA, your travel agent or online sources such as Travelex.

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