Travel Insurance: Two Kinds

Travel insurance protects your investment in the trip. It can be confusing to figure out what kind of policy to purchase and where to purchase it. We all hope we never need it and chances are you won’t, but it’s a good idea to be covered.

There are two types of insurance to consider: travel and trip cancellation/interruption.

Check with your health insurer to see if they cover international medical bills. If not, look for a policy that includes travel health coverage. This should include medical treatment and emergency evacuation. The latter is what will be very expensive.

You also want coverage in the event a last-minute unforeseen health emergency prevents you from traveling or interrupts your travel. This is trip cancellation insurance. Purchase coverage for 100% of your trip costs: airfare, Trips for Knitters fee, and any other expenses such as pre-booked hotel and lodging on either end of the Trips for Knitters portion.

If you pay with a major credit card, find out what they cover. Many will cover airfare if the ticket is purchased with that card. They may protect other purchases. A phone call or review of card benefits will let you know what’s covered.

You almost always have to buy trip cancellation insurance within 15 days of booking your trip, so purchase when you make your final payment to Trips for Knitters.