Notes for Non-knitters

Tips for Spouses

Suggestions from a husband who has traveled to knitting events…

Notes for non-knitters traveling with Trips for Knitters

  • Remember this is her trip with other knitters and you are NOT the focal point of her attention! It’s about the knitting and the connections with others.
  • If you are here because you need the getaway from the rat race of business or home and can use a week of “by yourself time” to chill out, this is your opportunity to take advantage of being in the background and enjoy your quiet time.
  • Do not make a nuisance of yourself and hang around the knitters, except at meal times. Can you imagine your spouse joining you and your buddies watching sports or playing card games?
  • Bring plenty of books to read and necessary electronic devices to keep in touch with the world.
  • Do a lot of walking and exploring on your own to exercise.
  • Do research before you leave home to find out about the area. if you want to do side trips on your own during the day.
  • She’ll really love your for your patience and ability to participate appropriately in this event.

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