Health & Fitness

Tips-Medical and Mobility Issues

We want every knitter to enjoy their trip — we make every effort to ensure Trips for Knitters are accessible to as many people as possible. Some of the trips are more physically demanding and may not be suitable for everyone. Contact us if you have questions or wish to discuss the amount of walking, stair climbing or other physical demands, especially if you have back, knee or hip issues.

Please let us know if you have any mobility or medical issues which may affect your ability to fully undertake the event as described. We accept no liability for mobility or medical issues that we are not told about prior to the trip. Advise us of any changes after registering and before the trip takes place.

To gauge your level of fitness, we suggest you honestly assess your ability to walk 1-5 miles at a reasonable pace. If you become short of breath, experience cramping or spasms, or find that this exacerbates a medical condition, you may not want to register for the trip. Contact us if you have questions about the physical demands of any trip.

While age is just a number, we need to screen participants over 75 to discuss the physical and mental demands of the trip. Send an email and a good time to call and discuss. We hope you’ll qualify without hesitation, but we want to be sure you are up to the trip before you register, pay and embark on travel.

Any questions or concerns, we’re here to discuss in confidentiality. We want the best outcome and enjoyment for every participant of Trips for Knitters events.