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Like to travel and experience different places, cultures, and food?
Want to bring your knitting with you?

Trips for Knitters brings groups of knitters together in special locations for knitting workshops while enjoying all that setting has to offer. Natural beauty, great food, inspiring architecture and cultural appeal are a must. On top of that, Trips for Knitters plans time to relax and enjoy the company of other knitters.

NEWS UPDATES — August 18, 2016

We've set 2017 dates for Knitting Holiday in Norway. This amazing trip had knitters claiming it was the best Trips for Knitters ever. Don't miss the 2017 event: May 23-30. Registration is open! Contact us about an optional add-on for the Shetland Islands, immediately following this event.

Discover the West in Buffalo Wyoming, May 2-9 (just added) and May 10–17, 2017: Home to Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. Registration is open for the first week.

We're Knitting in Yorkshire Sep 11-19 (just added) and Sep 20–28, 2017: Sheep, wool mills, castles, good food, history and culture.  Registration is open for the first week.

Knitting in Tuscany 2017: Sep 30–Oct 7 and Oct 7–14. Registration is open.

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Trips for Knitters

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